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Selectro brings a dedicated Selective Electro-Plating service to the entire North Island, south of the Bombay Hills, plus a number of other designated areas.

Purpose Built Workshops

Our qualified technicians work from their Matamata based workshop which has been set up for the sole purpose of Selective Electro-plating.

From here they can meet all your repair requirements and ensure a fast turnaround.

You can either deliver or courier your metal components to us and after carrying out the necessary work we will send your items back in protective packaging suited to your requirements.

It’s a quick and hassle-free process for you! Call us now and set up a customer account ready for when you need us.

Fully Mobile Service

In some circumstances the component requiring repair may be too large and awkward to transport, or it may be very expensive to dismantle and need a part of building to be demolished or dismantled to get it lifted out.

We provide a professional mobile service where we can bring our equipment to the work site and carry out the repair with the minimum of dismantling and disruption.

This in situ repair option can reduce equipment “downtime” drastically while providing a very cost-effective solution for you and your customers. Call us now for a FREE no obligation quote and discover what’s possible and how much time and money you could save on your project.

Contact us to enquire how Selectro selective plating services help you save downtime and money in your industry or business.

We offer a range of industry specific services

If you need to…

  • Resize components that are out of dimensional tolerance due to wear or corrosion.
  • Build up mis-machined parts (shafts and bore)
  • Rebuild components that have been damaged (dents, gouges, grooves etc.)
  • Reform bearing and lipseal surfaces on a shaft of any base metal.
  • Repair damaged chrome and base metal on hydraulic ram rods.
  • Protect areas of a component from corrosion.
  • Provide different properties and characteristics to particular zones of a component. ie improve hardness, smoothness, slipperiness or conductivity.

We have access to a wide range of pure metal and alloy plating products that we can apply on most combinations of base metals.


We do not do any tank plating as our process was developed to repair or bring enhanced properties to specific and localised areas of metal components.

We are unable to plate for decorative purposes onto domestic or craft type items. All car and motorbike restoration projects should be referred to specialist tank platers. Please refer to our gallery to view examples of our work.

Electroplating Benefits

Electroplating services offer a variety of benefits across a wide range of industries and trades including engineering, oil & gas, power generation, printing, electric motors, marine,  logistics, pulp & paper, industrial machinery, and hydraulics.

  • Saves Time & Money

    Onsite electroplating repairs or protection saves hours of downtime

  • Corrosion Protection

    Electroplating can help to form a protective surface barrier

  • Helps Reduce Friction

    The nickel plating process can assist in reducing friction build up

  • Improve Appearance

    Electroplating can be used to create a smooth, even surface finish

  • Extend Life Of Original Parts

    Repairs help  extend the life of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts.

  • Increases Strength

    Electroplating is sometimes used to add strength to a brittle material

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