Metal Component Repair Service

Save time and money by protecting, repairing, refurbishing and maintaining your specialist equipment with Selectro.

World Class Repair Service

Why Selective Electroplating?

Selective electroplating is a cold metal building process which deposits new metal on various metal parts that need repairing, measurement adjustment, or a property enhancement that the base metal doesn’t already possess.

The Selective Electroplating Process is a world-class method of restoring metal components and is widely recognised in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. Selectro brings this revolutionary metal component repair process to New Zealand and Australia, repairing your complex metal and machinery components, while lowering costs, preventing downtime, and improving reliability.

High Quality Permanent Repairs

Electroplating is a permanent high-quality repair for metal components, whether you are resizing, rebuilding, or restoring your equipment.

Fast and Convenient Turnarounds

The fast turnaround of a Selectro electroplating process makes repairing your metal components more convenient, while avoiding and minimising downtime critical to evade huge losses. The repair process is considerably faster than making a new component or importing one from overseas.

Cost Effective

Electroplating is a very cost-effective option. Your equipment doesn’t need to be scrapped and replaced because of a small area of damage. Instead, only the damaged zone is targeted which will save your parts, save you money, retain your OEMs, and extend your maintenance budget capabilities.


Whether you need the job done out in the field or in the shop, our process can be carried out almost anywhere. Carrying out repairs in situ keeps downtime low on critical equipment, we often work with industries where portability is a must.

Quality Permanent Repair

Reliable services for a range of industries.

Selective electroplating provides the perfect solution for repairing corrosion damage and scoring, restoring the design size, resizing worn areas, and correcting machine errors in your hydraulic rams.

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Bearing Journals and Seal Surfaces
Often bearing journals and seal surfaces have problems with their seals no longer sealing due to wear, this allows foreign liquids and materials into the bearings or lets oil and grease escape.

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Printing Press
When printing press chrome rollers become damaged and you need a fast solution that limits downtime, we have the perfect answer.

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Selectro can repair your HVAC system components quickly, economically, and to high quality.

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Transit and Agriculture
We can carry out repairs, restorations, rebuilds, and resurfacings on the metal components of your transit and agriculture machinery and systems quickly, correctly, and economically.

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Heavy Plant
From metal crushers, motor scrappers, and bulldozers, to excavators, quarry machinery, manufacturing plants and drill rigs, Selectro has the ability to repair your components on-site, to get you back up and running in the smallest downtime possible.

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Electric Generation
Selectro can repair your apparatuses whether it is within improving the conductivity and corrosion protection of your electrical components, or within power stations and generation equipment.

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Whether you need repair or restoration of your hydraulic rods, rotating shaft seals, bearings, sawmill equipment, paper mill equipment, or excavators and other forestry equipment Selectro can help you.

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Selectro can repair the metal components of your machinery quickly, to very high quality, and more cost-effectively than other component repair and replacement options.

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Manufacturing and Food Processors

When your factories need onsite equipment repairs during maintenance shutdowns Selectro can come and maintain, repair, and restore your machinery in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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Each selective electro plating application is unique, and therefore each repair will be thoroughly considered and performed by trained, knowledgeable technicians, ensuring quality and reliability for years to come.

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