Industries We Serve

We supply our services to a range of industries including…

Hydraulic Repairs

Rods, Cylinders & Spool Valves

Machine Shop

Resizing & surface improvements

Motor Rewinders

Bearing & lipseal surfaces

Transport Industry

Steering shafts, crane spears, shaft seal  surfaces & hydraulics

Printing Industry

Print drums, roller shafts & surfaces


Shaft build-up, hydraulics & corrosion protection

Saw Mills

Hydraulic cylinder repairs & shaft build up


Bus bar re-surfacing


Crane repairs, corrosion control & hydraulics

Food Processors

Corrosion protection, HVAC fan shafts, hydraulic & shaft bearing surface enhancement


We do not do any tank plating as our process was developed to repair or bring enhanced properties to specific and localised areas of metal components.

We are unable to plate for decorative purposes onto domestic or craft type items. All car and motorbike restoration projects should be referred to specialist tank platers. Please refer to our gallery to view examples of our work.

Saves Time & Money!

Selective Electroplating targets specific areas of damaged metal components. It has the ability to deposit precisely into the area where it is required, in varying and closely controlled thickness while leaving a permanent repair and finish.

This reduces downtime and the need for disassembly, saving you precious time and money.

  • Portable
  • Has a fast deposit rate
  • No thermal distortion
  • Minimises hydrogen embrittlement
  • Dense coating
  • Permanent
  • External diameters, internal diameters and flat surfaces
  • Bonding material versatility
  • Precision metal build up on target areas
  • Large range of plating solutions – many metal or alloy solutions are available
  • Fills – Corrosion pits, scores and scratches
  • Corrects worn or defective parts eg. Bearings bores and journals
  • Can plate onto mixed base metals
  • Range of hardness available
  • Improves wear resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Correct mis-machined parts
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Anti-gailing

What Our Clients Say…

At Selectro, we are firm believers that customer satisfaction is the key to developing successful, long-term working relationships with our clients. And when it comes to selective electroplating, our primary focus is providing a great level of service that not only fulfils but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Take a look at some of our testimonials:

TEI (NZ) Limited

TEI (NZ) Limited is happy to announce that Mr Brenton Park and Mr William Park have both completed and have become certified for the Sifco Selective Electro Brush Plating repair application and process from May 2018.

Selective Electroplating Limited (Selectro) is now authorised to carry out the Sifco Selective Plating defect repair for the Engineering & Manufacturing, Printing, Hydraulics, Marine, Power Generation sectors. Including other market applications not listed, whereby the Sifco Electroplating process can be used.

Tina Heath
TEI NZ Ltd, Director